Join the dead! Vote for Hillary!







There may be some truth in it when Republicans say that something about the Democratic party just “doesn’t smell right.”

Department of Justice elections expert, J. Christian Adams, was on Fox News this morning and stunned Fox News Anchor Steve Doocy with the news that there are 4 million dead people on voter rolls across the country — that, of course, is limited to those they know about.

So who do these dead people vote for? Adams couldn’t say for sure but he provided anecdotal evidence that dead voters may favor Democratic candidates:

“Dead people are voting and it’s something this administration does not want to do anything about. They must like it. They must like who they are voting for… Now we have four million, four million ineligible and dead voters on American voter rolls according to the Pew Charitable Trust.”


Give me that ‘Old Atavistic Nationalism’




That’s what the New York Times calls Donald Trump’s brand of politics: “atavistic nationalism”, with roots as old as the party itself.” GOP leaders, they go on to say, “fear their party is on the cusp of an epochal split.”

(That’s what I truly love about the New York Times, and I’m not being sarcastic, they don’t allow you to get too far from your dictionary.)

The Times story was basically the same one dominating the news cycle this weekend, about that epic (excuse me, I mean “epochal”) split in the GOP that is threatening and terrifying those who choose to call themselves Conservatives.

A term that I love, used either by or about Donald Trump’s approach to politics is Commonsense Conservatism”, I saw that and said “Voila” (figuratively of course); that’s what was missing in Conservatism, common sense. I always use to hesitate to identify myself as a Conservative because most Conservatives are still piddling around with the “religious” Conservatism that was born in the 1960s and was ingrained by the 1980s. Religious Conservatism is in itself an oxymoron that was created to convince legislators that they have the right to interfere with social issues that have no reasonable link to the Constitution or to the major functions of the federal government.

Even outside of the ‘Religious Conservative’ context, the GOP has been making a fool of itself for the past 4 years by being unwilling or unable to keep the promises made to voters in 2012. These are the same voters who believed the promises and put Republicans in majority roles in the House and Senate with the understanding that, among other things, they will replace ObamaCare with something that gives the power over healthcare back to the people. That didn’t happen, in spite of the supposed “power of the purse” held by the majority of Republicans in the House. Not much else has been accomplished either to undo the damage that Obama, and his cadre of Liberal followers has done to the country and the Constitution.

Considering all this, a “split” in the GOP is almost inevitable unless the powers that be start getting in touch with and in tune with the commonsense Republican ideas that caused a majority of primary voters to flock to Donald Trump.

News Can Be Fun (and the more you think about it, the funnier it gets.)


A quick and jaundiced look at three of Tuesday’s top news stories from my favorite news aggregator: Google News (

(Just having a light moment, no offense intended to Republicans, Democrats, Muslim bombers, sex addicts, rapists or their lawyers.)

1) Paul Ryan has agreed to run for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives — but ONLY if he is guaranteed to win and only if he gets weekends off.

(Unofficial word on the street is: Vice President Biden is so impressed with Ryan’s proposition that he has decided to demand the same conditions when he announces that he is running for the Democratic nomination for president.)

2) Ahmed Mohammed, the Texas teen who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that looked like a bomb, visited the president of Qatar last week and has since announced that he and his family are moving to Qatar.

(Where he can learn to make a real bomb that looks like a harmless clock)


3) Bill Cosby’s lead lawyer has quit.

(You know you’re in pretty bad legal trouble when your lawyer is worried that defending you will damage HIS reputation.)

OMG! There’s a drag queen in the girl’s locker room!


This article, “A transgender teen used the girls’ locker room. Now her community is up in arms.” from the “Washington Post” is one of many articles out there today talking about Lila Davis.

Lila is NOT, as the name might suggest, a girl. He’s a 17 y/o boy who wants to be a girl, who wants to dress up in a wig, falsies and a party dress, who wants to feel pretty, who feels he was born in the wrong body and, almost laughably, wants everyone to ignore the fact, as he strolls through the girl’s locker room naked, that he has a penis.

No, poor Lila Davis isn’t at all what he appears to be, at least not while he’s dressed up in his girl clothes.

Someone needs to let Lila know that he may feel like a girl, he may think he’s a girl and he may have tricked the school into thinking he is transgendered; but playing dress-up doesn’t make him a girl, it doesn’t make him transgendered either; it makes him a “drag queen.” Yet every article you find will refer to him as “her” and will call him “transgendered.”

My guess is that Lila is gay and effeminate and he uses the female “act” so he doesn’t have to admit to himself that he is gay and effeminate.

That of course is just a theory, he may, in fact, be getting ready to audition for the next season of “The Fosters.”

Miraculously, even in Missouri, at the edge of the Bible-Belt, where 90% of the people have a very dim view of any sex that isn’t performed in the missionary position or outside of the marriage bed, gay men and women are gradually being accepted into the society. It may take another 50 years, however, for drag queens to be accepted by more than just a few households.

The Corruption of a Political Entity


Here’s some great advise for Conservatives (we need not use the term “Religious Conservatives” any longer, the word “Religious” is implied if not flat-out stated by virtually every Conservatuve I’ve listened to or read for the past several years. The very term “Conservative” has been corrupted and redefined; Conservative no longer stands for ‘smaller government and free trade, it stands for “In God We Trust.”

The following is is a quote from a Fox News opinion piece. The title of the piece: “Jesus hates religion. He really does” is rather shocking considering it was written by Dr. Alex Himaya, the founding and Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America: theCHURCH at BattleCreek, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Here’s the quote:

“I think we as Christians have a reputation as conversation stoppers. When we engage people on the other side of an issue, most of the time, the conversation doesn’t end the way we want it to. It (either) gets stopped short or our side of the issue ends up being misrepresented. And that’s largely our fault.  We prefer to be heard, as opposed to actually listening. We want the benefit of the doubt, but we’re reluctant to give it. Instead, we lead with our idea of what’s right and wrong, in our belief, instead of leading with love.

The best way to stop a conversation short is by being judgmental and ‘religious.’ By that, I mean we come off as confrontational and condemning, rather than relational and loving.

It happened just the other day when Dave Bratt beat out Eric Cantor for his seat in the House of Representatives. Here’s the lead-in for information about Dave Bratt from the New York Daily News: “Bratt, 49, casts himself as a Ronald Reagan conservative with a deep suspicion of government power. He’s also a devout Christian whose win demonstrated how “God acted through people on my behalf.” (What a conceited, obnoxious statement!)

Apparently ‘Dave the Bptist’ feels that the secret to his success is Divine Mind Control: i.e., God’s will was to have Christian/Baptist Dave Bratt beat out the man who the Jerusalem Press ( pointedly calls “the only Jewish House Republican”, Eric Cantor. (Who would have thought that God would hold a grudge that long.)

Okay, I’m just having a bit of fun poking fun at Dave Bratt but I don’t want to get too far away from the point of this post and that is:
The apparent underlying message in virtually every Conservative speech in recent years seems to be: Only Christians have morals, only Christians ‘do the right thing’ in regards toward their actions and attitudes to their fellow man.

Here’s a News Flash: Morality came along centuries before Christianity and you can be sure that anywhere you went in those BC days you would find kind, gentle and honest people who happened to worship idols, superstitions, animals, trees and anything else you might imagine including rock formations. In spite of what Conservatives seem to insist, the Christian religion does not have a “lock” on morality.

I’m NOT saying that Bratt’s Christian morals will in any way make him less of a great public servant or that there is anything wrong with Christian morals, what I’m saying is it’s stupid for Conservatives to take a public stance that implies that only Christian Conservatives can be trusted or, beyond that, that there is any logical link between being a Christian and being a Conservative (or a Liberal for that matter.) Who or what you worship has no guaranteed effect on your behavior or attitudes; who you REALLY ARE under your ‘holy garment’, where the ‘rubber meets the road,’ is all that really counts.

It may be a cheap shot but I can’t help being reminded of the countless number of children who have been molested and corrupted by men and women who wear those ‘holy garments’ while publicly proclaiming that they are servants of God.

The Tiger Woods Tease


‘I’ve been a bad boy,’ Tiger Woods readily and pubicly admits . . . ‘but I don’t want to talk about it!’

OK so he made a mistake — he slipped up — he had an affair or whatever the heck he did — that’s one thing, and NO he doesn’t have to discuss it with every hack reporter who feels he or she is “entitled” because Tiger is a famous sports star.

He does need to square things with the wife and with his sponsors but his real fans don’t need an apology they need to see him tee off. Does Tiger really think that many of his loyal fans really care about his private life? Perhaps some do but those are the ones he doesn’t need — they’re not golf fans, they’re looking for a role model. Tiger Woods didn’t get where he is by being an angel or a role model — he got where he is by being one of the best golfers in the world.

Apparently Tiger either has some physical injury from the car crash . . . or he is being really dumb by skipping the “Chevron World Challenge” (aka: “Tiger’s Tournament”).

ESPN reports that:

“Proceeds from the event (Tiger’s Tournament) go to the Tiger Woods Foundation, which has a learning center in nearby Anaheim that has helped thousands of students. That concept has been a longtime dream of Woods and his late father, Earl, conceived nearly the moment Tiger turned pro in 1996.

But the charity is likely to take a hit this week, as Woods is at home in Florida, nursing the injuries — both literal and figurative — suffered in the one-car crash Friday that has made worldwide headlines.

You’ve probably all heard the joke about Mike the avid golfer:

“Mike was teeing up for a very difficult shot. At that moment a funeral procession went by. Mike stopped, stood still with his hat over his heart, and bowed his head. His golfing partner looked at him and said, “Mike, that was kind and decent of you to show such respect for the dead.

Mike replied, “Yes, we would have been married twenty-six years come tomorrow.”

That, to many sports fans, is more of a fantasy than it is a joke.

Bits and Pieces of News for August 21, 2009



  • Here’s a story lead from Politico: Washingtonians get ‘wee-weed up’?

    No one can figure out what President Obama was talking about when, during remarks at a national health care forum, he said:

    “There’s something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up. I don’t know what it is. But that’s what happens.”

    Ask me and I’d say they are spelling it wrong, that’s why they can’t Google it! Perhaps if they tried: “wii wii” ins tead of “wee wee “. Obama was obviously making a reference he heard from his daughters, who undoubtedly own a Nintendo Wii game system, refering to the almost hyperactive behavior that results from playing games on a wii game system.


  • What was it President Obama said about his stimulus plan working? Ooops! Bloomberg doesn’t think so! Here’s the lead paragraph from a story appearing today at

    Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) — Unemployment rates rose in 26 U.S. states in July, a sign the labor market will take time to improve and budget crises in capitals across the nation may deepen.

    Well if you believe some of Obama’s harshest Conservative critics, maybe that was the expected result of his plan.


  • Hurricane Bill is A-comin’. Right now experts predict that the powerful Hurricane named Bill will just miss Cape Cod and, on Sunday, will “slam” into the east coast of Canada.

    From a Rueters story in the New York Times:

    “Bill, with winds near 115 mph, will likely remain a Category 3 hurricane during the next 24 hours before weakening as it churns north over cooler waters before striking Nova Scotia.


  • Both candidates in the Afghan elections, Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah are clai ming victory in the country’s presidential election! People are people and politicians are politicians and neither miles, religion or race will change that basic fact. Hold an election is any large country or small hamlet and its likely that there will be arguments over the results until the last vote is counted — and then recounted. To make this story even more fascinating; the Afghans used ballots like those used in the hotly contested Florida recount in 2000. Watch those hanging chads


  • Michael Jackson is still being refrigerated somewhere while his family waffles over exactly when he should be buried. They know where: Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California and they HAD a date; it was to be August 29, what would have been his 51st birthday but according to MTV.Com that date is changing because “the family needs more time to prepare.” One might wonder what exactly they are preparing for.

    If I were a patriarch of the family Jackson I would probably be in favor of holding a secret burial to avoid the mob scenes that will take place en route to the cemetery, at the cemetery and on the way back home. But I guess avoiding mob scenes is not a Jackson Family value.